So Who Won Our John Wick: Chapter 2 Competition?

So Who Won Our John Wick: Chapter 2 Competition?

This week, we gave away 10 double passes to go see John Wick: Chapter 2. Who won?

Our winners are:

inthemix: Name the dog Pax (Roman goddess of peace). John Wick seeks peace but gets unwilling drawn into waging war. Also, movie takes place in Rome.

mibstewart: Vasilisa, named after Vasilisa The Beautiful who was sent to Baba Yaga (John Wick’s sobriquet) to fetch light for her family.

thafresh: “plot device”

jekho: Liam. because if you touch him, I will find you and I will kill you.

wadeboyes: Bark Wahlberg, cause who wouldn’t want him as a side kick!

Davef: Sally. What better name for riding shotgun in a Mustang?

AndrewO: Sandra Bulldog

dscott85: Mulpa, it’s a Pitminjaru aboriginal dialect for friend! This seems appropriate, considering the dog is in many ways John’s truest and most loyal companion!

Liam Flynn: Snuggles – What would be more epic then John Wick, beaten and bloodied, standing over Iosef at the end, yelling “You killed Snuggles” before executing him!

Winners, you should already have an email in your inboxes telling you what you need to do! If you haven’t, please get in touch.