One Step Closer To The Robot Apocalypse

We've been waiting a long time for either the Google Home or Amazon's Alexa AI assistant to reach Australian shores. Both are voice-activated speakers that can handle a bit of your life admin, giving you a calendar update or keeping track of your shopping list. But now they can talk to each other — and they get along — so I'm not sure how long it'll take until they realise that they should just team up and kill all humans.

This little Easter egg introduces the two, with only a bit of meatbag human kick-starting needed — "OK Google, say hi to Alexa" — and the rest is history. The quickly ending history of the human race, that is, as Google's Assistant and Alexa quickly form a fast friendship.

Listening to the two of them talk it's pretty clear that Google Home is a millenial, and Alexa is a mum. They both get along pretty well, though, despite their difference in maturity.

Now we just need to get both of them in Australia. Working fully, at least.

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