New Board Game The Captain Is Dead Is All About Surviving A Sci-Fi Horror Scenario

The captain's been killed, the engines are dead, and aliens are at the front door just waiting to come in and make a bloody mess. New board game The Captain Is Dead is basically what you get when you fast-forward to the final disastrous minutes of any Alien movie.

The latest board game from The Game Crafter, The Captain Is Dead is a cooperative game where players try to escape an alien attack after the captain's been killed off. The mission is to get the ship's engines online in order to escape the hostile alien ship that's trying to blow you out of the sky, with each player having special abilities and skills to help the team. The struggle is trying to balance getting the ship's systems online while battling the aliens, who keep trying to muck things up.

The board game was released today, a couple of years after its successful Kickstarter campaign. It's for two to seven players, and features some gorgeous illustrations from Italian artist Gaetano Leonardi. You can check out some of the artwork and gameplay below.

[The Game Crafter]

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