At Computex, MSI Is All About Making Gaming Laptops Thinner

At Computex, MSI Is All About Making Gaming Laptops Thinner

We all want laptops that have enough grunt to run modern games, but that are also (relatively) easy to carry around. MSI reckons it’s cracked that code with a refreshed suite of gaming laptops and some new models — all of which it says will handle VR as well as the demands of 2017’s AAA games.

The stars of the line-up — in my humble opinion, at least — are MSI’s new GS63VR and GS73VR, gaming laptops that combine decent screen size with skinny designs. The GS63VR is only 17.7mm thick but packs in a GeForce GTX 1070 under the lid of its 15-inch design. That screen, by the way, is a 120Hz one with 3ms response times and what MSI calls ‘HDR colour range’. It’s not HDR certified, but it should mean better colour than the sometimes mediocre displays we’ve seen on gaming laptops in the past.

If you don’t mind that extra bulk, though, meet the GT75VR: a chunky overclocking-capable gaming desktop-replacement laptop that has Intel’s top mobile-spec CPU inside (the i7-7820HK, which MSI says can be pushed beyond 4GHz). It has the same 120Hz display but this one is a 17.3-inch 4K one; you’ll still be pushing the GT75VR’s internal graphics card(s) to their limit to run at that resolution though. Choose your poison from a GTX 1070, SLI’d 1070s or a GTX 1080 — though expect that top spec to be quite pricy.

MSI’s also showing off new top-of-the-line motherboards at Computex, running Intel’s X299 platform for serious — and seriously cashed up — gaming enthusiasts. Its latest motherboards have further improved existing cooling solutions for heat-producing components like M.2 SSDs that aren’t usually actively cooled, as well as faster Wi-Fi chips and support for 3D printed components. Overall, it seems like evolution rather than revolution, but it’s all good news for anyone wanting to build or buy a new PC any time soon.

Gizmodo traveled to Computex as a guest of Dell.