Mickey Mouse Becomes A Transformer, And The Rest Of The Coolest Toys We Saw This Week

Mickey Mouse Becomes A Transformer, And The Rest Of The Coolest Toys We Saw This Week

Honestly, this is usually the bit of Toy Aisle where we tease the rest of the fancy toys and merchandise we’ve spotted over the past week. But when you learn that there’s a goddamn giant Mickey Mouse mecha that turns into a truck, Optimus Prime-style, do you really need to know what else there is in here? Let’s just get started.

Tomy Transforming Mickey Mouse

With some of the greatest superheroes of all time in its portfolio thanks to its acquisitions of Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm, it only makes sense that Disney would start upgrading its own roster of characters. But instead of mutant powers or a mastery of the Force, this Mickey Mouse figure from Takara Tomy takes its inspiration from Transformers, switching from a giant Mickey Mech INTO A MICKEY-COLOURED TRUCK. Available in September for ¥4000 ($48.22), the 15cm-tall figure also includes tiny versions of Mickey driving the truck, and riding atop the bot. Incredible. [Toy People]

Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard

It’s already that time of year to start drooling over San Diego Comic-Con exclusives that will either be hugely difficult to grab if you’re attending the annual nerdapalooza, or insanely expensive to buy on the aftermarket! Yes, Hasbro has unveiled its annual Marvel exclusive set, tying into Thor: Ragnarok‘s release later this year, which contain not one, but two Thors.

Included in the set are an early-access version of Jane Foster’s Thor (she’ll be a regular Marvel Legends figure later this year, although this “exclusive” version comes with a glowing Mjolnir), the Odinson as he’s appeared since he became unworthy of Mjolnir, Bor, Malekith, and Ulik. If that wasn’t enough, the collection comes in a fancy box that has its own Asgardian poem written on it, which can be folded up for easy storage if you like keeping your figures in their packaging. If you’re at SDCC this year or desperately refreshing Hasbro’s online story shortly after the con, it will set you back $US100 ($134). If you’re looking to pick it up from people hocking it on eBay afterwards… well, good luck.

Hot Toys Captain Jack Sparrow

Who’s to say how many more Pirates of the Caribbean films Johnny Depp has left in him? Dead Men Tell No Tales is supposedly going to be the last in the series, but nothing is stopping you from having more adventures with Jack Sparrow using Hot Toys’ new 1/6-scale figure.

As with every 30cm Hot Toys figure, Sparrow comes with a remarkably elaborate wardrobe, countless pirate accessories, and swappable posed hands. But the feature that will help you justify spending over $US200 ($268) on an action figure is that magnificent Johnny Depp sculpt that perfectly captures his perpetually wild-eyed Jack Sparrow face. [Hot Toys via Toyark]

Transformers Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Build-a-Bears

Kids love robots, kids love bears, and kids love peeling the faces off their cuddly friends, right? Of course they do! So these new Build-a-Bear Transformers creations let kids make plush versions of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee that “transform” from a bear to a bot and back again by flipping over a face mask, or their skin, it’s really hard to tell from this angle. They’re available now for $40 each, and you may or may not have to stuff them with Energon cubes. [Build-a-Bear Workshop]

Figma Deadpool

If there’s one character that’s just begging for a highly-articulated, over-accessorised action figure, it’s Deadpool. Figma has realised that fans of Marvel’s fourth wall-breaking hero are as interested in a Deadpool figure that comes with cool guns, as they are in a Deadpool figure that includes polka dot boxer shorts and burrito accessories. The 15cm deluxe version also comes with a bunch of swappable hands and heads to help justify its steep ¥8333 ($100) price tag, but it’s probably worth it for some. [Figma via Toyark]

Motion-Activated Alien Storage Egg

Looking for a place to store your valuables that few will want to touch? Skip the safe, or hollowed-out dictionary, and put this 56cm-tall Alien xenomorph egg on your dining room table. Four AA batteries (or a USB connection) power an eerie green glow, and with a wave of your hand overtop the egg it splits open to give access to whatever you’ve stuffed inside of it. At £199.99 ($349) it isn’t cheap, but can you think of a better place to store fresh biscuits? [The Fowndry]

Marvel Legends 12″ Daredevil

Hasbro’s line of 30cm, fully articulated versions of its Marvel Legends figures have been fantastic — getting all the articulation and detail of the normal figures on a bigger scale makes for some great versions of these characters. The line is getting another entry at San Diego Comic-Con this year, in the form of a special release of Daredevil, complete with some very pretty box art featuring exclusive artwork from Joe Quesada and even braille on the back.

The special version of Daredevil will come with separate cowl to hold in one of three different sets of hands — gloved, bandaged, and even more bandaged — as well as an unmasked head revealing a bloodied, beaten Matt Murdock, alongside a normal masked head and Daredevil’s trusty billy club. A vanilla version of Daredevil will be available later on after the convention, but if you want this version, it will set you back $US60 ($80) at SDCC (and on Hasbro’s online story shortly after the event, in very limited quantities).