Is This NBN ‘Fibre To The Toilet’ Installation For Real? [Updated]

Is This NBN ‘Fibre To The Toilet’ Installation For Real? [Updated]
Image: Mal Bruce/Facebook

You can’t make this s*^& up. Or can you?

First posted in the aptly named “Crappy NBN” Facebook group, this image is apparently of an NBN router installation right there next to the toilet.

Mal Bruce, who posted the image in the group insists it is a “It’s a 100% legit install”. We have reached out to Mal for further comment and information.

NBN responded to the image of the apparent install on twitter, calling it “interesting”.

After speaking with Camryn, we can confirm that this was not their installation, and they gained the image from the “Crappy NBN” Facebook group.

A representative for NBN has told us “I have no idea whether it’s even an NBN installation but I’m asking questions.”

So hopefully we have some answers soon.

Update: We have a statement from NBN.

“nbn is unable confirm the veracity of this photography. However, we have very clearly defined policies for our installers and delivery partners that prohibit the installation of equipment in this type of location.”

Mal Bruce, however, tells us there is “more to the story than just photos”. Hopefully we will be speaking with Mal later today to get more details.

In the meantime, do you have any “interesting” NBN installation stories of your own? Feel free to share in the comments.

This article was updated on 29 May to clarify that Mal Bruce is not a moderator in the “Crappy NBN” Facebook group.

This story is developing.