I Am In Love With This Punkified Steven Universe Cosplay

All Photos Courtesy Glasmond

Steven Universe returns with a five-night run of new episodes on May 8, but for those who can't wait that long to get a glimpse of the Crystal Gems... here's some excellent cosplay that made my heart soar.

Cosplayer Glasmond recently released a collection of photos from a recent group Steven Universe cosplay at German con ANIMUC, involving her and several other cosplayers. The costumes are more of a modern, punk-style interpretation of the iconic Steven Universe characters. Glasmond told io9 that's because she and her friends wanted a way to incorporate their tattoos and unique style into the costumes.

"It was a kind of spontaneous idea. I wanted to make Rose or Mystery girl, but my tattoos were in the way... [so] I decided to make an own, more punky Version. My friend Cira, who's Pearl and very heavily tattooed, agreed," Glasmond said.

The group, calling themselves Space Punk Rocks!, has since started a Facebook page and plan on doing more stuff together, including sharing behind-the-scenes pics and possibly making a music video. Check out some of the amazing and fun cosplay below.

From left: Glasmond as Rose Quartz, Cira Last Vegas as Pearl, Sarah Nieves "Schpog" as Garnet, and Prinzessin Dachi as Amethyst

Kitty's Wardrobe as Peridot

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