Here’s A Map Of 263 Companies Involved In Developing Autonomous Cars

Here’s A Map Of 263 Companies Involved In Developing Autonomous Cars

Everyone knows Silicon Valley is completely immersed in the race to develop autonomous cars, but this map illustrates just how extensive that effort has become. Developed by venture capital firm Comet Labs, the map lays out a whopping 263 companies intertwined with the robot car dream.

Photo: Comet Labs

“Because this is a complex problem beyond autonomy alone  —  and because both incumbents and startups are still carving out their space in the rapidly changing market  —  there are lots of founders and engineers creating innovative technologies that should not be overlooked,” Taylor Stewart of Comet Labs wrote in a blog post to explain the reason for developing the map.

Stewart told Wired that she expects what Come Labs calls the “transportation stack” misses some companies “globally, but this is our research into who’s taking a unique approach to the problem.”

The top line calls out “services” helpful to routing for autonomous vehicles, like Waze or ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber. In the middle there’s “autonomy,” with sections for autonomous vehicle makers or platforms (Waymo or, ahem, Faraday Future). At the bottom, a section for tools considered crucial to the development of AVs, like LiDAR (with companies like Velodyne).

Scope it out, if you have a minute. It’s an interesting look at where things stand today.