GTA 5 Isn't Built To Remake Terminator 2, But Here We Are Anyway

Video: We can confidently say this is what it would look like if Skynet made movies.

Last month, a Russian YouTuber uploaded an hour-long Grand Theft Auto 5 remake of James Cameron's Terminator 2. Now an English-language version exists and, well, an hour is a long time to spend in the uncanny valley.

Sure, there's a rich history of video games being harnessed for animation purposes, whether it's an original series that borrows assets and textures, or janky-looking reenactments of extant media. Garry's Mod for Half-Life 2 comes to mind, and GTA 5 has its own small community of animators churning out scenes from Deadpool, Suicide Squad, The Purge and I Am Legend with choppier characters and desynced audio. The characters' mouths move the way I'd imagine a horse's mouth would if it were trying to eat a handful of marbles.

But this Terminator 2 remake stands above the rest for little reason other than it's a full hour long. It's basically the entire movie. You, dear reader, can watch Terminator 2. Right now. In GTA 5. On YouTube. At least until someone files a DMCA complaint.

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