Fidget Spinners Are Trending On PornHub

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PornHub just released some, er, interesting statistics on popular searches on the site for the month of May.

And it turns out fidget spinners were the top trending search term.

What The Hell Are Fidget Spinners?

We all fidget. We swing our headphones, we peel twigs and tear cardboard coasters, we flip pens around our thumbs and split the ends of our hair. Do we really need to explain, rationalize and lend science to the newest fidget toy?

Fidget spinners are in short supply around Australia thanks to the craze. Some schools have banned them. But kids — and adults — love them. Here's why.

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"Fascination with Fidget Spinners has really taken off the last few months," PornHub says. "Our statisticians found that as of may May 10th, searches began to grow, with a massive overnight increase on May 16th, and hitting an all time high on May 21st."

There were a massive 2.5 million searches for fidget spinners on the site in just a 10 day period. Blame the 18-24 year old women for this one, who were statistically far more likely to use the search term. As foer what they find?

Yeah, I aint searching that. Be my guest.

All The Dangerous Things You Shouldn't Be Doing With Your Fidget Spinners

Like lawn darts, nano-magnets and slap bracelets, fidget spinners are only one stupid stunt away from becoming yet another forgotten fad. And as usual, instead of enjoying them responsibly, the internet is hard at work trying to find ways to make spinners as dangerous as playing with firecrackers. This is why we can't have fun things.

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