Fernando Alonso Has To Be Cursed

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Fernando Alonso's deal with the vengeful gods of speed and grace may be up. Fans noticed smoke pouring out of his car over the weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway right before a new Honda engine was wheeled out for his Verizon IndyCar Series ride for the Indianapolis 500.

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The whole reason he's here is because Honda can't get a functional engine together for his full-season McLaren F1 ride.

Unfortunately, Honda seems to be having low-key reliability problems in IndyCar as the marque has lost five engines in the past seven days of running at Indianapolis Motor Speedway prior to Alonso's garage smoke-out. Honda has now instructed teams to limit how long they run each engine, according to Racer.

Hopefully that's enough to make it through qualifying and the race for the Honda teams. Otherwise, my best guess is that someone needs to pull the pin out of the engine cover on the voodoo dolls of Alonso's cars.

Last year's Honda IndyCar engine was generally reliable, and won the Indianapolis 500 in Alexander Rossi's car. Honda has it in them to build for reliability sometimes! But Alonso is here this year, and he has curse-grade bad luck with engines.



    Poor Alonso. Championship quality driver, wrong team. The same can be said for Ricciardo too.
    F1 has a serious problem; currently there's only 4 cars that compete, the rest of the field is in their own little race. Last race, 1st and 2nd place had lapped everyone on the field except 3rd.

      Just want to point out that Alonso did choose to leave Ferrari on his own accord. If he had chosen to stay that would likely be him in Vettel's car this year.

      At least 4 competitive cars this year is double the amount of competitive cars the sport has had for the past few seasons. Ferrari is finally catching up to and matching Mercedes, now it's up to the rest of the field to keep up. We know the Renault engines in the Red Bulls aren't fantastic on a high speed track like Spain last weekend, but we'll see how they fare around the low speed track of Monaco next weekend.

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