Everybody Panic (Or Not): Twitter Is Down

Image: Twitter

Twitter is down. But don't panic, here's a handy guide for other things you can do instead.

  • Literally anything else.

There's an internal server error stopping us all from tweeting. For some reason we are still getting notifications of "likes", though. Weird. We've contacted Twitter to see what's going on.

We'll keep you updated as to when it's working again, so you can jump on Twitter and tweet about Twitter having gone down.

You're welcome.

Update 3:31pm: I still can't Tweet (using Twitter's app or the browser), but Kotaku's Alex Walker can. He's using TweetDeck.

This is garbage.

Update 3:33pm Our Commercial Editor Tegan Jones can tweet now too. She gets told that it failed, but "retry" works for her, using the regular twitter app.

Update 3:36 I CAN TWEET! So therefore I will declare Twitter fixed now, yeah? Yeah.

This article was originally posted on February 8, last time I noticed Twitter was down. I'll probably just re-use it next time, too (with relevant updates, of course) so feel free to comment if you need a hug at this trying time.



    It was a troubling time. I saw an article stating twitter was down, i thought to myself, oh, twitter is down. Then noticed co worker has a different tie on today which is strange as he always wears the same tie, wonder why he changed and then seeing twitter was back up.

    Oh no!

    How are "journalists" (and I use the term lightly) on various NEWS sites going to write their articles that are basically just the Tweeted opinions of nobody's, about someone who felt they got the wrong end of the stick, attitude wise, from one employee who works at a multi-national company (be it an airline, a major tech company etc etc), and after feeling "shamed", felt it necessary to have a go at whatever company on Twitter (or even Facebook), which then "broke the internet" or, went "viral" (1200 views/likes? OMG!!)?????????? Eh?!

    Very Bad! How can I be expected to run the country without it. Hey what does this other button do..........?

      I'm not sure you want a hug, but I'm going to give you one anyway, since I hear you're not a fan of consent anyway *hugs*

    Did it need to be "technically" wrong. Couldn't it have just been plain old normal wrong. Or did they need to make a distinction between a technical problem and the inherent shitness of their website.

      *technical hug* *shitty hug* (we've covered all bases now)

        I have to give some credit here. You're actively engaged in responses to your articles. As opposed to some post and forget articles by other authors (I'm assuming they're reposted US giz articles) but credit where credits due.

    i was trying to access my twitter account but it was not working , thanks for this update.

    I thought all my followers were dead and I was the only one left. Whew!

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