Dog Busts World Record By Popping 100 Balloons In 37 Seconds

There's world records for just about anything you can imagine. And this isn't only for humans — animals can snag global achievements too. Like Toby the whippet, who recently claimed his place as the world's fastest balloon popper.

If dogs had resumes, I'm not sure how "record-breaking exploder of balloons" would fare in a job interview, but if the topic comes up, Toby of Calgary, Alberta can hold his head (and tail) high.

Back in April, the dog smashed through 100 balloons in 36.53 seconds, besting the previous record of 39.08 set by Twinkie, an adorable Jack Russell from California.

The first half of the video has Toby running around like a maniac, spurred on by his equally-manic owner. The second half is exactly the same, except the angle is top-down.

I really hope the little guy is enjoying himself — with all the attention and the owner going nuts, I know I'd be freaking out.

[YouTube, via Laughing Squid]

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