Deals: A PS4 Pro And Horizon Zero Dawn For Under $500

Image: Sony

Have you bought a PS4 Pro yet? No? What's wrong with you? Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn yet? No? Seriously?

Well, you're in luck. Target has a pretty nifty deal that fixes all your problems.

At the moment, Target has a deal on the PS4 Pro and Horizonb Zero Dawn for $499 total — that's a solid $79 saving on the price of the game itself, if you want to think it like that. And it's a good game, so it's worth keeping and enjoying. If you're a heartless son of a bitch, though, you could trade Aloy's adventure in at EB for a bit of cash and an actual dollar saving overall.

Horizon is an absolutely gorgeous game as well as being fun to play, and the PS4 Pro is hands down the most powerful console that you can buy right now, so the combo itself is a genuinely worthwhile investment — although expect that statement to no longer be valid once Microsoft shows off Project Scorpio at E3 in June.

Target also has a deal on the redesigned PS4 Slim plus two DualShock 4s for $319. Not bad either, considering you'll save $78 on buying the extra controller separately. Thanks as usual to the brains trust at OzBargain for finding these deals! [OzBargain / Target]

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