Dark Phoenix Could Be Searching For A Younger Version Of An X-Men Mainstay

Dark Phoenix Could Be Searching For A Younger Version Of An X-Men Mainstay

Wonder Woman gets another new TV spot. It looks like Robert Zemeckis is definitely not directing The Flash. One major character will not be a part of any show in the Arrow universe next season. Plus, new pictures from Valerian and The Dark Tower, another Stan Lee cameo, and a new teaser for Twin Peaks. To me, my spoilers!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Omega Underground reports Anna Paquin’s Rogue will be recast for the film, with a younger actress coming in to play a version of the character that presumably syncs better with the latest film’s timeline than Paquin’s version of the character would.

The news seemingly comes from some recently discovered audition videos that hint at a recasting — one in particular features an actress reading for a character in the film codenamed “Marie”, which could be a hint at Rogue’s real name, Anna Marie. It isn’t completely confirmed yet, though, so take it with the regular pinch of salt.


GQ spoke to Jason Momoa about his take on Aquaman:

We’ve never really seen anything from this guy before, so it’s fun to have a level playing field. There aren’t like four Aquamans before me. I get to set the tone for it.

The guy was never really accepted on land, and he was never really accepted in Atlantis. He’s a half-breed. But he’s the best of both worlds. He just doesn’t know how to handle his powers. So it’s kind of a coming of age for a young man to a man, or a man to a king. He’s lost a lot of things and he’s got to cope. He’s an outsider.

The Flash

Robert Zemeckis has signed on to direct an untitled project with Steve Carell described as “the moving true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit”. So, definitely not The Flash, as previously rumoured. [Variety]

Avengers: Infinity War

A set video of Spider-Man half-heartedly swinging into action has hit the web. The below account claims it’s footage of a new updated Spidey suit for the film, but it’s so blurry we haven’t the faintest idea if that’s actually the case.

New set video of #Spiderman in #AvengersInfinityWar ? Looks like a new suit too, unless they're gonna cgi most of it? #SpidermanHomecoming #Avengers

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians and a captive Nebula come face to face with Ego, the Living Kurt Russell, in a new clip.

Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets

Here’s another new poster for the film, which is leaning heavily on the fact its titular character’s name begins with the letter “V”. [Screen Rant]

Meanwhile, here’s a new picture of Cara Delevinge being enchanted by a space butterfly, courtesy of Yahoo.

The Dark Tower

Yahoo also has a new picture of Idris Elba as the Gunslinger:

Tremors 6

Michael Gross says Tremors 6 has a 30 January 2018 US release date.

Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. has just released four stills and two BTS photos. See the rest at the link. [Screen Rant]

Diana discusses her New 52-flavoured origin story in another TV spot.

War for the Planet of the Apes

In an interview with Los Angeles Daily News, director Matt Reeves compared Caesar to Batman:

It’s a strange thing to be involved in the two franchises which were the two that I was connected to most as a child. I just was obsessed with Batman when I was a kid. What I find so interesting about him as a character is that, as far a superhero goes, he’s not superhuman, he is a person. And he is a tortured soul who is grappling with his past and trying to find a way to be in a world that has a lot that’s wrong with it and trying to find a way to reconcile all of that … That is a really powerful character, in the same way that Caesar is such a powerful character.

And here’s a new still from the film, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.


Dwayne Johnson, wrapped in chains and mid-workout, decided that this was the perfect opportunity to reveal some new story details about the movie.

Goin' primal. ? Good to finally have boots on the ground here in Georgia for production of #RAMPAGE. I head up an anti poaching unit out of Rwanda. My best friend is a rare albino gorilla named, George. Very bad people infect George, an alligator and a wolf with a serum. All three animals grow at an unprecedented rate. Their size, speed, agility and violent aggression is off the charts. They go on a deadly rampage and want to destroy the world. George not happy. Me not happy. When animals like you, they lick you. When they don't like you, they kill you. I will hunt down the bad people who did this to my best friend. And when I find them, I will not lick them. We have the best VFX monster making team (WETA) on the planet. Our actors and crew have been working very hard to raise the monster genre bar. As always, let's have some fun. Let's shoot. ?? #PrimalDNA #George #Lizzy #Ralph #RAMPAGE

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Mission: Impossible 6

Some set video of Tom Cruise showboating on a motorcycle has leaked online.

The Black Room

Here’s a new clip from the Natasha Henstridge/Lin Shaye supernatural horror film.

Game of Thrones

While speaking with Tom Green on The Hits Radio, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran revealed the details of his cameo. Spoilers: He sings.

I just do a scene with Maisie. I sing a song and then she goes, “Oh, that’s a nice song.”


Doctor Who

In an interview with TV Guide, Stephen Moffat claims he still does not know who the incoming Doctor is. Makes sense, considering he’s not the guy who’s responsible for casting it:

You’ll have to ask [incoming showrunner] Chris Chibnall. I honestly am out of the loop and have purposefully remained so on what Chris is up to with the recast, because my advice to him was you only tell people what you’re thinking if they absolutely need to know it. I don’t need to know it so don’t tell me or I might accidentally say something on the bus. I have absolutely no idea what the plans are.

Meanwhile, here’s a creepy new clip from next week’s episode, “Knock Knock”, which will have an optional 3D surround soundscape audio track for viewers who would like to experience the horror of lots of knocking through the magic of binaural sound.

Twin Peaks

Familiar haunts return in the latest cryptic teaser for the show.


John Barrowman has revealed he will not be a part of the Arrowverse next season.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity have to work out their differences while stranded in a bunker together in pics from this week’s episode, “Underneath”. More here.

Black Mirror

Hannibal‘s David Slade will direct an episode next season.


Stan Lee will have also have a cameo, according to Bryan Singer.

Once Upon a Time

Here’s another trailer for the long-awaited musical episode.

12 Monkeys

A few new pics from season four have been posted to Twitter and Instagram by showrunner Terry Matalas.

12Monkeys #Season4

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#12Monkeys #season4 Mask

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Finally, the CW has released a slate of new pictures from this week’s episode, “Alex”. More here.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.