Aussie Photographer's Salt Landscapes Are The Definition Of Otherworldly Beauty

Venture out into the middle of nowhere with a half-decent camera and even the most novice of photographers can take some amazing shots. However, to create something truly spectacular, you need a refined eye and a few out-of-the-box ideas. Or a bloody big mirror, in the case of local photographer Murray Fredericks and his salt-encrusted landscapes.

Take away the mirror and the images would already look quite ethereal, but with them, you feel like you're staring into a portal to another dimension. Which is sort of the vibe Fredericks was going for, according to a press release from the Hamiltons gallery in London, where the photos are currently on exhibit:

All photographs are composed with an unbroken horizon placed in the lower third of the frame to be faithful to the intense experience of endless space that exists out in that landscape. In the soft light of dawn and dusk, Lake Eyre with an inch of salt-laden water reflecting the sky, gives Fredericks momentary access to something else; the possibility of being able to 'step outside' of himself, if only for a moment.

Image: Murray Fredericks

"Salt: Vanity" will be on display at Hamiltons until 14 June, so if you happen to be in London, feel free to drop in. Alternatively, check out Fredericks' website for more of his work.

Image: Murray Fredericks
Image: Murray Fredericks

[Hamiltons, via Ignant]

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