Amaysim’s 90 Second Guide To The NBN

Amaysim’s 90 Second Guide To The NBN

Over the last 10 years, the NBN has gone from a relatively straightforwards fibre-only network to a complicated mess of speed tiers and different technologies and contention ratios and CVC and other bullshit. Amaysim has released a video that it says is a 90-second explainer for anyone confused with the network, on the day it switches on its own NBN coverage.

Talking to iTnews, Amaysim says it will enter the fray with one of the best contention ratios of any provider, and will build its own links to NBN POIs. It’s pretty confident of its product, but it’s early days still.

For what it’s worth, Amaysim conveniently just switched on its NBN plans today. Broadband comparinerds Finder says there are around 1500 different NBN plans out there from 35 major providers, with an average cost of $84 per month. Amaysim’s approach is straightforward: unlimited data, no contracts or activation fees, no peak or offpeak quotas. It’s banking on that drawing customers to sign up. [YouTube / Amaysim]

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