A New UFO Documentary Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was Killed Because She Knew About Aliens

Video: Every time someone releases a documentary about UFOs, we secretly hope this is the one with the smoking gun that changes the world and proves aliens exist. Well, we don't think Unacknowledged does that, but it isn't lacking in fascinating conspiracy theories.

Marilyn Monroe has a small but weird role in the new documentary Unacknowledged. Image: Wikipedia

Directed by Michael Mazzola, Unacknowledged follows Dr Steven Greer, who takes viewers through what he believes is a well-documented history of the United States covering up the existence of evidence of extraterrestrials.

One example is in this exclusive clip, which suggests Marilyn Monroe was killed because she threatened to leak classified information.

Now, is this true? We obviously don't know. And it's probably not even the first time someone has made this claim. But theories like that are why we watch movies like this in the first place. And this is just one clip in a much larger story.

Unacknowledged is currently available to stream and download on Vimeo.

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