You Can Now Get The Westworld Soundtrack On Vinyl

You Can Now Get The Westworld Soundtrack On Vinyl
Image: ThinkGeek

One of the most incredible things about this series was the music. Piano renditions of Soundgarden, Radiohead, The Cure – it was perfection.

Now you can add the crisp white album to your vinyl collection.

Here’s the track listing:

    A Side
  • Main Title Theme – Westworld 1:41
  • Sweetwater 2:53
  • Black Hole Sun 2:29
  • Paint it Black 5:44
  • No Surprises 4:02
  • A Forest 2:49
    B Side
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack 2:42
  • Fake Plastic Trees 2:14
  • House of the Rising Sun 1:25
  • Something I Can Never Have 5:56
  • Back to Black 1:58
  • Exit Music (For a Film) 4:27
  • Reverie 1:42

You can pick it up from ThinkGeek for $24.99 which isn’t bad at all, but the shipping will likely set you back a bit.

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