Watch Cherry Blossoms Suddenly Explode Into Life In This Stunning Timelapse Footage

Video: It's that time of year when Mother Nature puts on her best fireworks show with pink and white cherry blossoms in Japan. Meanwhile Australia is heading into a cold and colourless winter, so this spectacular drone footage captured by Jack Johnston is worth your time.

GIF: Vimeo

Shooting timelapse footage with a flying drone is tricky because you need to recreate the exact flight multiple times. Battery life limitations mean you unfortunately can't just leave a drone hanging in mid-air for days on end. But by blending the footage from multiple flights in post-production, you can make it look like reality is speeding up.

Johnston captured countless aerial timelapses of cherry trees blossoming in Japan for a BBC Springwatch special, but compiled some of the best shots into this minute-and-a-half highlight reel. It will either delight you or make you sneeze. Or both!

[Vimeo via PetaPixel]

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