Um, So Maybe We Should All Watch 'A.I Artificial Intelligence' Again

Remember that Steven Spielberg movie from the early noughties? The one with a baby Hayley Joel Osment as a robot boy version of Pinocchio?

It was better than you remember, or maybe even realised at the time. I'm not kidding. Watch this.

Thanks, Mikey.


    Unless it's about an hour shorter than it was, no.

    A video that is 2 years old from the same creator that Giz (Rae) has posted about almost weekly... Sigh

      She found an interesting video and decided to share it with us. If you dislike it so much why did you bother clicking on the article?

      Mikey Nuemann is a fantastic film analyst. His work is simply great, and more people should see it. When I post about his videos, they are consistently among the most viewed articles on the site.

      If I can both highlight a talent that quite frankly, deserves to be more well known, and bring interesting content to Giz readers, who on Earth would I shy away from that?

        So that you don't upset Stuart, to the point of him needing a hug.

        This video also made me want to go back an watch the movie. I had to write an essay on it in high school lit. Saw that movie so many times during that time and never once realised some of the things mentioned in the video

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