Tomorrow Is Record Store Day Across Australia

Tomorrow Is Record Store Day Across Australia
Image: Pro-Ject Audio

Tomorrow is the 10th annual Record Store Day, celebrating the indie record store across Australia. It’s as good a reason as any to get out to your local store and buy some good ol’ fashioned physical media.

Look, I know that streaming music is all the rage these days. But there’s something to be said for the physicality and the ritual of pulling a LP out of its sleeve, putting it down onto a record player’s spindle, and moving the tonearm across to play that first track. It’s really the only reason that I own a record player in the first place.

You can find all the record stores near you that are participating in Record Store Day on the website, and search for any free gigs that might be going on as well. Record Store Day is sponsored by our friends at Pro-Ject Audio, as well as the Australian Music Retailers Australia, and you should go out and support all the indie record stores out there that rely on foot traffic to actually stay in business.

There’s also a chance to win some cool tech as part of the day, too. You can actually win #RSDWin and then entering through the form on the Record Store Day website.

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