The New Title For The Fourth Avengers Movie Is Apparently A Big Ol’ Spoiler

The New Title For The Fourth Avengers Movie Is Apparently A Big Ol’ Spoiler

For a long time, Marvel’s next two Avengers movies were titled Infinity War: Part I and Part II. Then, last year, it was announced that the first movie had been retitled Avengers: Infinity War, while the second movie would get a new name in the future — one we still haven’t been told. Apparently that’s on purpose.

Avengers: Infinity War concept art. Image: Marvel.

Speaking to Cinema Blend, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige answered the very direct inquiry of, “I’m curious if the reason [they’re not going to announce the title] is because it’s a spoiler,” with, “Yeah, for sure.”

Which is interesting since the reason the Russos, who are directing both movies, gave for wanting to rename the movie was that they’re “two very different movies” and it was “misleading” to label them as two parts of the same story. In the Cinema Blend interview, Feige repeated the “different movies” line and said that was “all” he had to say.

So if the title is a spoiler, does that mean we’re not going to get it until after Infinity War? I guess it could be a spoiler for the other movies coming out between now and then, but that wouldn’t quite explain why two originally joined movies were renamed, with the second part being a secret.

Of course, we have a few guesses as to what the spoileriffic new title is:

  • Avengers: The One Where Cap, Like, Totally Dies
  • Avengers: Oh Fuck, RDJ’s Contract Has Expired
  • Avengers: The New Mutants
  • Avengers: Thank God Our Fox Deal Didn’t Leak
  • Avengers: Secret Empire

These are just a few of our educated guesses. Make your own (serious or not) in the comments.