The First Trailer For Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is More Fun Than A Spy Should Have

Video: Director Matthew Vaughn has made some very good movies, but none of them come close to 2014's Kingsman: The Secret Service for pure fun. So it makes perfect sense that the first sequel he's ever directed is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The world of impeccably tailored British secret agents is so much fun, who wouldn't want more?

Taron Edgerton is back in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Image: Fox

Here's the first trailer for the sequel, which looks so, so good.

If it isn't immediately obvious from this trailer, after the events of the first movie, the Kingsman is exposed, leading to an attack on the secret spy organisation. Kingsman is forced to go to America and team up with the US version of the organisation, the Statesman, including Jeff Daniels, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry. Also, it seems Colin Firth's Galahad is hanging out with them, which is impressive, seeing as he died in the first movie. But again, that's Kingsman for you. It's so much fun even dead people want to come back for more.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens September 21.

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