The 2018 Holden Commodore Will Have A Rugged 'Tourer' Spec

Image: Holden

The next-gen Holden Commodore is going to be a very different car to the one that came before it in a lot of ways. But it'll also have a bit of a hat-tip to the early 2000s: the just-announced Commodore Tourer will be a rugged, lifted wagon in the vein of 2003's Adventra crossover.

Like the Adventra -- an unloved car clearly before its time, given Australia's modern-day obsession with SUVs -- the Commodore Tourer will be all-wheel drive, but it's not immediately clear if that also means the car will only be offered with the evolved version of the 3.6-litre V6 currently being used in the VFII Commodore and with Holden's 9-speed auto currently in development. It's practical-looking, courtesy of those blacked-out fascia and wheel arch protective covers.

The Tourer is predominantly a styling upgrade over the regular Sportswagon -- it's 20mm longer, or a full 110mm longer than the Commodore sedan. With an extra 20mm of suspension travel, it should be a little more capable off-road, where you can show off what Holden is calling its "bush-walk meets fashion week" styling. As well as that suspension bump, the Tourer also has 40/20/40 split rear seats so should be a little more versatile for hauling cargo.

Image: Holden

The Next Holden Commodore Is Getting Some Good Reviews

The Opel Insignia Grand Sport -- the car that will soon be coming to Australian shores badged as the Holden Commodore -- has been launched in Europe. Early reception of its driving dynamics is good, and that's a positive start for a vehicle that will have to be spectacular to impress the stalwarts that know the Commodore as a rear-drive, tyre-shredding V8 monster.

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    But where's the Ute version?

      Still eight months before it's out - I wouldn't give up hope just yet!

        If they did do a Ute version of this vehicle, then it would be for one or two markets in the world and that might not be enough for Opel or GM to spend that much money when it may be a loss. Holden had to beg Opel for a V6 version of this for Australia and even that decision was just passed. GM should sell Holden to someone in Australia

    Looks like a Euro. All Aussie flavor has now officially departed.

      So true - the VF is a true Commodore, this aint.

    Can't see the Opel Holdens doing too well in Australia. Opel tried it's hand in the Australian market before and closed up shop after a couple of years. Holden should of brought out the Camaro from the US like Ford did with the Mustang. They sell Camaro's in the US for just over 20 thou and that's for the base V8 one so with the dollar conversion and the Aussie tax that they put on, it would still be competitive.
    If people wanted a 4wd 6 cylinder car, there's already heaps to choose from. I foresee Holden in the future becoming a very minor player in the car market. RIP Holden, you made a bad mistake with what people want.

      My Mum was driven to hospital to have me in my Dad's Torana GTR, so I have Holden in the blood. As sad as it is to admit given I love the V8 Commodore and HSV variants, it is clear that the market doesn't want those cars in great numbers anymore.

        Maybe not in great numbers but still desired by many. You just have to look at how many AMG Mercedes and BMW M cars are on the roads. There will always be a place for rear engined V8 cars.

    "Like the Adventra — an unloved car clearly before its time"

    Bahahahahahahaha! Before its time? It came out after the Subaru Outback and Volvo XC70, both of which were already popular. It wasn't before its time, it was just not worth it over a regular wagon and not as good as Ford's Territory which came out shortly after.

    Will come with a V6 & a turbo diesel 2.0 . Either the 125 kw 400nm as in the Commodore or a new 145kw 500 nm that hasn't gone into production & may not even do so now Opel has been sold to the PSA group.

      Currently being sold as the 125kw/400Nm variant in EU. I think it's almost certain we'll get that in AU, potentially with a different tune for our diesel spec.

    Piece of crap!
    Why not have a real Commodore? a unique chassis , something we enjoyed for decades and as recently as from VN to VZ, from VE to VF?

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