The 2018 Ford Mustang Can See In The Dark

The 2018 Ford Mustang Can See In The Dark
Ford is for the first time introducing new technology that is designed to detect pedestrians at night and then automatically apply the brakes if the driver does not respond to initial warnings. In North America, the technology debuts first on the 2018 Ford F-150 and 2018 Ford Mustang.
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Driving at night is great — the roads are empty, street lights look cooler, the air is cooler and that means my turbo runs better — but it also presents its own set of challenges. One of those challenges is that it’s, y’know, dark. And people cross the road in the dark. Wearing dark clothes.

Fear of hitting someone or of general night blindness is the top impediment to night driving, says Ford. “Of thousands of drivers surveyed across Europe, 81 per cent admit to being scared on the roads at night, rising to 87 per cent for women. More than half say poor night vision is a source of stress, and more than a third worry they might be involved in an accident. Fears that they may hit a pedestrian were highlighted by one in five drivers surveyed.”

Enter the 2018 Ford Mustang, and its forward-facing windshield-mounted camera and radar in the front bumper. Those two work together in concert to detect objects in front of the car and run them against a catalogue of “pedestrian shapes”. When it, y’know, detects one, it’ll first pop up a visible warning and audible chime in the cabin to the driver. If that doesn’t make the driver respond by slowing down or moving to avoid the pedestrian, the car will slam on the brakes itself.

The first Ford to get Pedestrian Detection in the Aussie market will be the new Mustang, delivered some time in 2018. Expect that tech to roll out to more Fords in the future, though, which can only be a good thing for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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