Sense8 Is Much Better Than This Season Two Trailer, Just FYI

Sense8 Is Much Better Than This Season Two Trailer, Just FYI

Video: Sense8 can be a very good show — it has unbridled optimism and a daring willingness to play with big ideas. But Sense8‘s big ideas sometimes get in the way of the gaggle of genuinely great characters at the story’s centre.

That’s very evident in the first trailer for season two since the brief sneak peak we got during the 2016 Christmas special. While there are glimpses of the characters fighting and having orgies and generally enjoying the community formed when seven other people take up residence in your head, most of the trailer is given over to talking about, like, how it would be so cool if everyone just loved each other, man.


The show itself is much much more than this cannabinoid-infused diatribe. And while it might be hard to make out, as some man we’ve never seen before compares the nature of Sense8 to a Rembrandt painting, the show seems to be preparing to better explore some of the heavy ideas from season one and the Christmas special. Chief among them: What the hell is a Sense8?

Hopefully we’ll get more answers when the new season premieres on Netflix May 5.