Report: The Captain Marvel Movie Has Its Directors

Over the past few days, there's been speculation -- thanks to an offhand comment at a recent press tour of Marvel Studio's offices -- that a director for the Captain Marvel movie had been found. Now, a new report indicates this is indeed the case. However it isn't one director, but two: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. 

Image: Sonia Recchia/Getty Images and Marvel Comics

Variety reports that Boden and Fleck, best known for their work on Mississippi Grind and Half Nelson, have been tapped to direct Marvel's first female-led movie in the MCU. Their hiring apparently heralds the end of what has been a rigorous process to find a director for the film, a search that has included names like Niki Caro, Rebecca Thomas and even allegedly Angelina Jolie over the past few years.

For a long time Marvel has professed that it wanted a female director for the film, but this is the first time that a male-female pairing, or even specifically Boden and Fleck, has been floated for the project.

We'll bring you more on the Captain Marvel movie as we learn it.

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    Who the fuck is captain Marvel. Are they going to make movies about any old comic book person. I'm sure hardly anyone would know of a captain Marvel apart from comic book tragics. This is getting ridiculous.

      The same went for Iron Man, you know the comic book movie that started the whole MCU.

      ...and arguably Thor and Black Widow. Once upon a time mainstream audiences only knew of Superman, Batman and the Xmen.

        I would of said Superman, Batman and Spiderman. The others never really got famous until the movie's came out. I never knew dead pool was a cartoon, nor black widow, nor Thor or any of these other ones.

      There have been many Captain Marvels, but I am pretty sure they aregoing with theh latest one from Marvel Comics. You Know, the one who used to be Warbird, binary, and Ms. Marvel, and security chief at Cape Canaveral and fell in love with an alien spy.

      At this point the current popularity of a superhero outside the comic-reading public is almost irrelevant. It's a Marvel superhero movie, and the mainstream will flock to it to see what all the fuss is about and because most of the previous ones have actually been quite fun to watch, especially the lesser-known ones like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

    Please don't be another feminist propaganda piece...

      It's certainly getting that way with Gizmodo lately. Maybe they want a stronger female base for this site.

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