Nikon Tries To Right The Sinking Ship With A Swarovski Replica

Nikon Tries To Right The Sinking Ship With A Swarovski Replica

Nikon is, ostensibly, a remarkable company. Sure, it had to lay off quite a few people last year, and back in February, it cancelled a hotly anticipated line of cameras. But Nikon’s a tech-based company that’s managed to innovate and survive a hundred years. Nikon started as an optics company and has endured as one, even as photography has evolved considerably. Few companies can claim the same! What better way to celebrate 100 years of (mostly) success than with the release of… a Swarovski crystal version of one of its most iconic products?

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That would be really stupid.

But Nikon is. It’s producing a Swarovski crystal version of the Nikon Model I, a camera that pulled Nikon out of its post-World War II tailspin and turned it into the camera powerhouse most of us are familiar with.

The crystal ode to Japanese optics is part of Nikon’s celebration of its hundredth anniversary. Most companies celebrating 100 years after just weathering a round of layoffs and some pretty nasty press would not be releasing an ostentatious and useless lump of crystal. Most companies would be making smart choices and announcing new products that might help steer them towards a new era of growth. But as established before, Nikon is not most companies.

“Honestly, I thought this was a shitty belated April Fools joke,” a colleague said with dismay when we were discussing the 100th anniversary push. Honestly, I wish he were right.

If you need to know what other silly goodies Nikon has announced for its 100th anniversary you can go to the super cool URL, which is very in touch with young people, and not at all lame:

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