New Alien: Covenant Footage Teases The Grim Fate Of Noomi Rapace's Prometheus Character

Video: We've known for a while that Noomi Rapace would be reprising her role as Prometheus' Liz Shaw in Covenant — but now a rather oblique piece of viral marketing seems to have dropped a big hint about her appearance in the film.

Yesterday, Fox dropped a new TV spot for the movie, set to John Denver's classic "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Check it out:

It doesn't offer much that is new, but the quick flash of a hashtag at the end — #emoh_em_ekat — takes you to a similarly-named Instagram account, which has an extended bit of footage from the TV spot.


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Not only do we get to see Shaw's name on those ominously dangling tags from the earlier trailers, we also seemingly get to see a hologram of Shaw herself, at the controls of the mysterious Engineer ship the Covenant crew discover, singing along to Denver's tune. Considering we don't see a body on the ship, there doesn't appear to be much hope for seeing Rapace's character again safe and sound. You can even see a tiny glimpse of what appears to be a Xenomorph tail appear behind her hologram in the footage, so it seems like poor Dr Shaw got taken out by the new film's beast.

Alien: Covenant hits theatres May 11.

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