Michael Bay Says There Are 14 Transformers Movies Already Written And My Eyes Are Not Ready

At CinemaCon last week, Michael Bay was asked if he was actually going to be leaving the Transformers franchise this time. He not only said that he'd like to do one more, but that there were already 14 stories ready to go in that universe.

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Speaking with MTV's Josh Horowitz, Bay answered the question about whether or not he was leaving by waffling a bit. He then said that there would be Easter eggs in The Last Knight that would connect to "different things to come".

Bay's most alarming response was to questions about the spinoffs planned to turn Transformers into a bona fide cinematic universe. The director said, "There are 14 stories written. And there's good stuff. So, I would like to do one of them, though."

That is, to put it mildly, a lot of Transformers. It does make a little bit of sense, though. Transformers put together a writers room in order to churn out a bunch of new ideas. Presumably, they are going to pick the "best" ones to go forward and not just make, oh holy God, all 14. But who knows? They could all be gold! Or, at least, as good as the rest of this franchise.

Plus, at least one of them seems to be tempting Bay to stick around. Not that anyone believes he's leaving for real any more. Not since he goes around before every single movie saying it's his last before jumping right back into the director's chair.

Fourteen Transformers movies. My retinas won't be able to handle that many explosions.

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    I wonder how many of those 14 are crossover movies. From memory, there were GI Joe crossover flicks being planned as well, meaning all the GI Joe movies (at least from now on) are in the Transformers universe.

    14 could be a Combined Universe number, and hence subject to inflation or sensationalism (ie, include GI Joe movies that have no specific Transformers). Or, there could actually be 14 Transformers movies sketched out and ready to be implemented.

    Hopefully one of those scripts is a re-boot that is actually based on the original cartoon, complete with 80's vehicles.

    Transformers put together a writers room in order to churn out a bunch of new ideas. Yes, because under the watchful eye of Michael Bay, that sounds like the best way to get coherent and interesting stories written.

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