Macro Sci-Fi Film Engulfs You In Another World

Sci-fi nowadays tends to rely on CGI — and by rely, I mean completely depend on it. It's not surprising, since sci-fi is about inventing people, places, and things that don't exist, but it can sometimes feel rather lifeless. A new sci-fi short ditches the CGI to bring another planet to life. After all, Mother Nature can be pretty alien sometimes.

Still: Vimeo

Kinsetsu, by Clemens Wirth, is basically a two-minute mind trip. Using macro photography and practical effects, the short envisions what life on another planet, specifically Planet-9, would look like. But it's more than that, you can practically feel it. The whole video is incredibly sensory, partially thanks to the immersive soundtrack from Radium Audio. You can check out the video below, and more of Wirth's macro videography can be found here.


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