Lunch Time Deals: $120 Off A Logitech Universal Remote

Logitech's Harmony One touchscreen remote is a great way to control your complicated home theatre, but it's expensive at nearly $300. Just for today, though, JB Hi-Fi has a $120 discount that makes it a hell of a lot more affordable.

JB Hi-Fi's regular Instant Deals are sometimes a bit lame, but this one's worth signing up for. A few minutes after you sign up to the JB newsletter you'll get a coupon code in your inbox that gives you a one-off discount — in this case, $120 off the $289.95 RRP of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One, bringing its price down to $169.95.

THat's still expensive, but if you've ever shopped around for a universal remote you'll know that they're almost universally crap. This one isn't; I can vouch for it personally. It takes quite a while to get set up with all your different inputs and consoles and soundbar and set top boxes and whatnot, but when you've got it right it's a breeze to switch between all your different gadgets and jump from Xbox to PS4 to whatever else you've got. [JB Hi-Fi]

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