LEGO Macintosh Is A Miniature Classic That Actually Kind Of Works

LEGO Macintosh Is A Miniature Classic That Actually Kind Of Works

There’s something about combining LEGO and old Macintosh computers that is just irresistible for hobbyists. The latest edition to the canon is a cute little version of the Macintosh Classic from 1990 that uses a Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display to make it partially function. Best of all, you can have one on your desk because its creator has detailed how he built it.

Photo: Jannis Hermanns, CC

Programmer Jannis Hermanns writes that he was inspired to build this tiny recreation while he and his son were playing with LEGO bricks. He wanted a model of one of the first computers he remembers using. The confluence of nostalgia probably explains why there are a lot of people who’ve pulled together similar projects.

The finished product runs a minimalist operating system called Docker that can display images or run simple programs like a clock. Hermanns decided to build the LEGO Mac as a gift for a friend and he found that he could use to update the device remotely. If you decide to follow in his footsteps, imagine the endless possibilities for screwing with the lucky friend who has this sitting by their big boy computer in the office.

You can check out the instructions for making your own right here, and you can see a few more pics below.

First prototype. Photo: Jannis Hermanns, CC

View from behind. Photo: Jannis Hermanns, CC

LEGO Mac with stock ticker: Photo: Jannis Hermanns, CC

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