Jabra Sport Coach And Sport Pulse Headphones: Australian Price And Availability

Jabra Sport Coach And Sport Pulse Headphones: Australian Price And Availability

Jabra has two new “Special Editions” in its lineup of sports headphones. The Sport Coach and Sport Pulse feature passive noise cancellation, more fitting options, better durability and “world-first intelligent sports features”.

Here’s what you get.

Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition

Jabra says these are the world’s first sports headphones to feature “automatic repetition counting” using the TrackFit motion sensor which, as the name suggests, tracks your movement to count and log exercise repetitions. It’s used with the in-ear coaching that tells you when to move on to the next exercise.

Push-ups, lunges and burpees will be among the ten exercises recognisable at launch, and Jabra is promising more updates in the future.

It’s also got in-ear biometric heart rate monitoring, a resting Heart rate test and an orthostatic heart rate test.

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

These headphones use the in-ear heart rate monitor (together with the Jabra Sports Life app) to constantly calculate your VO2 Max level to test your aerobic fitness. Your headphones will be automatically measuring your fitness level. Pretty cool.

Based on your heart rate and fitness level, it will give you in-ear coaching, and when you’re finished your run, the Jabra Sport Life app will tell you the distance covered, pace, route, calories burnt and training effect.

Both headphones add new sizing options with ear gels and ear wings, and “Comply” Foam Tips (which work to keep the headphones locked in) are standard. There’s the added benefit of improved sound quality with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass, too.

They are also certified for dust and water resistance (to IP55 standard), and Jabra says they are tested to US military standards against wind, rain, sweat and shock impact. There’s also a three-year extended warranty against sweat when you download the Jabra Sport Life App.

Both weigh 16 grams, offer up to five hours of talk/music time and up to ten days stand-by time.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition retails for $249.99, the Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition $224.99, and they are both available now online and at JB Hi-Fi.

If we get a chance to test them out, we’ll let you know how they perform.