Injustice 2 Lets You Create The Boba Fett Batman You Always Dreamed Of

Video: Did you ever draw different costumes for Superman, Wonder Woman or Cyborg in your History exercise book? Yeah, me too. The upcoming Injustice 2 video game sort of let you do the same thing, including a Dark Knight that looks like he's wearing Mandalorian battle armour.


One of the major changes coming to Injustice 2 will be the introduction of a Gear system, letting players earn pieces of armour that will improve specific attributes key to beating each other's heads in. It will also let you make Catwoman, Swamp Thing and Batman look hella cool.

The Gear system is essentially an RPG loot system, a mechanic that doles out in-game XP credits so you can buy new stuff. Gear rewards also get earned when you complete specific feats, too. As someone who used to geek out over the different looks DC's established characters would get in various old-school Elseworlds projects, I really like the option to assemble variant outfits. It also seems like designs from various eras are going to be available, too.

Time for Golden Age Superman to kick everybody's arse, then.

Originally posted on Kotaku.

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