Here’s The First Look At Syfy’s Krypton Show

Here’s The First Look At Syfy’s Krypton Show

It was announced three years ago and today, the world’s finally getting its first look at the Krypton TV show being produced by screenwriter David Goyer. Kal-El’s grandfather is going to get into a lot of drama, by the look of it.

The main character on Krypton is Superman’s grandfather Seg-El, and previous descriptions of the show have described it as happening during a time when the House of El was disgraced in Kryptonian society. Narrated by Seg-El as he talks about an anti-oppression rebellion led by Superman’s ancestral line, the trailer shows sweeping vistas of the now-dead planet and what looks like the apparent execution of an El family member. Seg-El then goes on the lam and is told by a character to find the Fortress.

A montage of scenes shows, among other things, Seg getting into fights and making out with a character that seems to be Lyta Zod, with whom he has a forbidden romance. Their love is likely verboten because, in past continuities, Krypton’s military and science faction have been odds with each other.

Syfy Superman Prequel Krypton Has Cast Its Lyta Zod

David S. Goyer's Superman prequel for the Syfy channel, Krypton, has found its female lead in actress Georgina Campbell. If the pilot makes it to series, she'll make her US TV debut, though she's a BAFTA winner for her work in her native England, and will appear in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur. Legend of the Sword next year.

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A scene about midway through the clip shows Seg looking at a city in a dome. It might be Kandor, which would hint at involvement by evil robot supervillain Brainiac, who shrank the metropolis and took it off-planet. Overall, it looks like Krypton’s aiming to channel the court-intrigue melodrama made mega-popular by Game of Thrones with a high-end science-fiction backdrop. The show’s supposed to start airing later this year so we might get a chance to see it this spring.