Forget Superman, Cat Grant Will Be In Supergirl's Season Two Finale

The best thing about Supergirl moving to the CW and moving its production to Vancouver was that it meant that it was much easier to bring the DC/CW shows together for things like the musical episode. The worst part was that it meant losing Calista Flockheart's Cat Grant as a regular. BUT SHE'S BACK, BABY!

Image: CW

Cat left early this season, and there wasn't a Superman in the world who could have consoled us. But now, EW reports that Cat will be back for the last two episodes of the season. Presumably, since Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will be popping up, too, she'll hit on her favourite newsman crush.

Also, Cat will definitely give Kara some valuable advice clothed in snark and meanness. We cannot wait.

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