Expectant Couple Edits Star Trek: The Next Generation Into An Adorable Baby Announcement

Video: Sometimes it seems the real reason some people choose to have kids is so that they can pour all of their pre-baby time and energy into a big "hooray, we're pregnant!" announcement. YouTuber Nokem came up with a simpler, but utterly fantastic approach that fans of Star Trek: TNG will wish they'd thought of.

They cleverly edited an episode called "Galaxy's Child", in which the Enterprise has to save an alien child, into a one-minute baby announcement, complete with a sonogram video superimposed onto the ship's main viewscreen. There's little doubt this baby's destined to be wearing tiny Spock ears before their first birthday.

[YouTube via GeeksAreSexy]


    Why do some people think we give a damn about their pregnancy or in fact their children at all. Great, you're having a baby, who fucking cares.

      I respect your right to have an opinion. How about you go and have it somewhere else.

      This article just went way over your head, didn't it?

        Most probably. I scan the stories all day long when I get a quick breaks during the day but I will acknowledge that what he did was clever. Pointless but clever.

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