(Don’t) Stop Asking Neil Gaiman How You Can Watch American Gods

(Don’t) Stop Asking Neil Gaiman How You Can Watch American Gods

All Neil Gaiman wanted was to help fans watch the upcoming TV adaptation of his book American Gods. So he took steps to make sure they knew where they could do that. Then things went horribly wrong.

Original image: Starz

People all around the world are excited for the upcoming TV adaptation of American Gods. Seeing as how it’s being aired on an American pay TV channel, folks were concerned about how they could see it. Gaiman, a smart and kind biscuit if ever there was one, tweeted out a handy chart a few weeks back:

The questions kept coming, though, but the beloved writer of Sandman, Neverwhere and Coraline answered them in good humour.

These help-desk interactions became a burbling undercurrent on Gaiman’s timeline, like the sound of a brook outside a cottage window.

Until Tuesday, when this tweet happened.

Then the gates of heck opened.

Yes, Chris, it is quite amusing, isn’t it? If this all turns out to be new gods Media and Technical Boy teaming up to torment the one who created them, then we can only hope this plotline becomes part of the American Gods TV show.