Creepy ‘Amusement’ Ride Changes Speed And Direction Using Your Terror

Creepy ‘Amusement’ Ride Changes Speed And Direction Using Your Terror

Regular, high-intensity amusement rides not doing it for you? Perhaps you should give Daniel de Bruin’s “Neurotransmitter 3000” a go. By tapping directly into your heart rate and body temperature, the one-person thrill ride will change speed and motion based on how terrified and exhilarated you are.

It’s not really intended as a commercial product, rather an experiment on feedback — as the machine accelerates and moves in different ways, the rider’s body responds, providing further information for the “3000” to work with.

And thus the cycle of terror / fun continues.

The designer started working on the device back in 2015, but it’s only recently come to fruition:

He built the first phase of the machine as part of his graduation from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2015. From then on, he developed a plan to control the machine by biometric data he obtains by sensors on his body. Heart rate, body temperature, orientation / gravity and muscle tension are measured and translated to variations in motion.

Image: Daniel de Bruin

A neat concept, though it definitely needs more animatronic vampires.

[Daniel de Bruin, via Travel and Leisure]