Captain Picard Collectible Figure Is Big, Bald, And Beautiful

Let's face it: We could all use a little Trek to balance out our Wars. Sideshow has unveiled its first Star Trek: The Next Generation Master Series figure for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and it's time to set phasers to stunning.

All Images: Sideshow

The sixth-scale posable figure stands at 30cm tall, showing off the stern but sultry captain of the Starship Enterprise. He's wearing the standard 24th century tunic for Starfleet officers, as well as his stylish custom black boots. Picard comes with a phaser and holster, which magnetically attaches to his pants (meow). He also comes with his Personal Access Disney Device, ie his non-iPad, and, get this, a cup of Earl Grey tea. Because Picard without his tea is basically sacrilege. No word if he comes with a dancing option, though.

The Master Series statue of Picard is currently available for preorder at about $US180 ($238), and is set to be released sometime between May and July. Here are a few photos of the impressive figure.


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