Beam Down To The Beach In These Red Star Trek Swimsuits At Your Own Risk

Despite a mathematician claiming otherwise, it's widely believed that if you find yourself in the Star Trek universe wearing a red uniform, your days are numbered. So given all the things in the ocean that want to eat you, why would you ever head to the beach wearing a red Star Trek swimsuit?

If you aren't willing to take that risk, ThinkGeek's Star Trek-themed swimsuit collection — which they refer to as Trekinis — comes in other statistically safer colours, as well as new Star Trek: The Original Series two-piece designs.

The two-piece versions are available for $US60 ($80), but you can also purchase the tops and bottoms separately, at $US30 ($40) each, if you want to skip the '60s-era miniskirt look. The $US60 ($80) TNG suits have already been available for a while, but now featured an updated and supposedly more comfortable design, better suited for an away mission in a tropical climate.


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