Apple Is Buying All The Good Trees For Its New Campus, And The Tree People Are Fighting Back

Image: Apple

A tough truth about Apple is making headlines this week, and you'd better hold on to your butts, because it is salacious. Apparently, Apple is snatching up all the very best trees for its new campus, leaving local tree purchasers scrambling for solutions.

The scoop was buried in a recentĀ San Francisco Chronicle story about construction of the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco. One of the futuristic travel station's highlights is a 5.4-acre green roof which will eventually feature 469 trees (nice). The paper's J.K. Dineen reports on the struggle to find all those trees:

Buying trees is a surprisingly cutthroat business. And it's been especially challenging to locate desirable specimens because Apple has been buying up 3,000 trees for its new Cupertino headquarters. When Greenspan and Trollip found a tree they fancied they would "tag it" with a locking yellow tag, so that nobody else -- like Apple -- could get it. Eventually all the tagged trees were moved to a nursery in Sunol, where the transbay project team leased 4 acres.

Whoa, Greenspan and Trollip are taking this very seriously. And they should be!

Apparently, the landscape architects now have to travel as far as Portland, Oregon to get the good trees. Which is kind of crazy considering that the Transbay Transit Center is a public works project and Apple is pretty much the richest company on the planet. Couldn't maybe Tim Cook send his arboreal thugs to the Pacific Northwest to fetch the good trees instead of hoarding them from the locals?

We've reached out to Apple to find out why the company is buying all the good trees, and we really, really hope someone responds.

[San Francisco Chronicle]



    It would be pretty awesome if apple planted 9000 apple trees in their headquarters. But they didn't because they are shit.

      It would have to be a working orchid though, imagine the cleanup from rotting apples otherwise?

    I don't understand what the article is implying. Are you saying that a company that spends a billion plus on its headquarters shouldn't try to landscape it with the best plants it can afford?

      Could be saying a company like Apple should be setting an example and planting trees. Growing trees absorb the most carbon. Full grown trees absorb almost none.

      Ditto - they're buying locally for their landscaping needs instead of importing...
      If they weren't, then there'd be a string of articles denouncing them for not supporting local nurseries.

    "hold on to your butts, because it is salacious"
    Salacious: having or conveying undue or indecent interest in sexual matters: salacious stories.

    Not being a gramma nazi or anything but I just don't get the use of the word 'salacious' in a story about a company buying trees.

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