While We Wait For John Wick 2, Here's Nerf John Wick

"When the price on an assassin's head goes up each time he kills, it's Nerf or nothing."

This is the perfect collaboration of two of our favourite things.

And as I Crash Your Game on YouTube pointed out:

14 kills in this video, 43 shots fired by John. That means every shot was 0.3255813953 of a kill. 78 people are killed in the original movie. Sticking with this ratio, Wick would have fired 239.5714286074 nerf bullets. The real question is: who would have picked them up afterwards? I think it would be the cleanup crew John hired. They would have to get paid though. How much? A pack of 30 N-strike bullets cost $10 AUD ($7.69 USD) It would take 7.9857142869 packs of 30 to use 239.5714286074 bullets. That means it would cost $79.857142869 AUD ($61.42 USD) A typical video game costs $80 AUD ($61.53 USD) Therefore, to clean up the (nerf) bullets in John Wick, you could pay the clean up crew by giving them 3 copies of John Wick: The Game.

Who said math isn't fun?


You'll Have To Wait Even Longer For John Wick 2

Seriously, guys?

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