Twitter Just Ruined Twitter

Twitter was already really bad, but the brain trust over on Market Street just figured out how to make it worse. In the olden days (yesterday), when you included someone's username in your tweet, it deducted from your 140 character limit. Now, for some inexplicable reason, it doesn't. Which means you can tag a seemingly infinite number of people in a thread.

Let's observe this thread created by local New Jersey man John Cook. As you can see, he can add people to a twitter thread, even though the sum of the length of their usernames well surpasses 140 characters! Luckily for me, John got bored and passed the torch over to me. I was able to tag 50 people in a single Twitter thread, and made a lot of people very annoyed at me in the process.



    The advantage vastly outweighs the disadvantage, IMO. Being able to have a discussion with four+ people without dramatically limiting the capacity for clarity is a huge advantage. Seems to me like it needs a tweak on user limits, sure, but suggesting this is overall a bad move..? Come on.

      It's almost like an artificial 140 character limit isn't conducive to having discussions. Who would have thought?

    I use tweetdeck, and they've seemingly done a great job of integrating this.
    At the top of the tweet, it says "Replying to" and then lists the accounts, but if it's more than will fit on the line, it puts what it can and then "and X others".
    Doesn't take up more than 1 line, and it's a smaller font than the rest of the tweet, so I like it!

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