Toby Kebbell Only Wants To Return As Doctor Doom If It’s In A Marvel Studios Movie

Toby Kebbell Only Wants To Return As Doctor Doom If It’s In A Marvel Studios Movie

Last week, we heard Hugh Jackman lament that he’d probably keep playing Wolverine if he could show up in an Avengers movie. Well, turns out he isn’t the only actor who’s been in a Marvel Comics movie that wants in on the success of Marvel Studios — Fantastic Four‘s own villain has joined the line.

Speaking to Hey U Guys at the premiere for Kong: Skull Island, Kebbell dashed talk of him returning to play Doctor Doom in any potential sequel to the completely disastrous 2015 Fantastic Four movie:

Yeah, [I’d return] if they lend him out like a footballer. They do with Spider-Man!

It’d be hard for Kebbell’s glowing, melted-garbage-bag-looking incarnation of Doctor Doom to return even if the actor was willing, given that he was disintegrated into itty little garbage bag bits at the end of Fantastic Four. But man, it must suck to hear if you’re a Fox executive and a bunch of actors are like, “Oh sure I’d do this role again, but only if someone entirely different made it because their films are good!” — right?

But Kebbell raises an interesting point: How good would Doctor Doom — not the Fan4stic version, per se — be in the MCU? He’s such a sublime villain in the comics, a mix of actual sinister actions with camp theatrics (and, of course, his iconic look, something the 2015 film flubbed completely) that would be perfect for those films. Hell, Doom done right could solve a lot of Marvel’s problems with its lacklustre slate of villains, even if Marvel itself doesn’t think it’s that much of an issue (spoilers, guys: It is). Whether it’s Kebbell or someone else entirely, I’d love to see Doom in an MCU movie one day.

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