This LEGO Batman Cake Is A Giant, Edible Masterpiece

Video: Even those of us who despise the idea of celebrating birthdays probably wouldn't mind having a party if it included this truly fantastic LEGO Batman cake that's completely edible -- save for the glowing eyes that will surely cause bodily harm if swallowed.

Designed, engineered, baked and assembled by Ashlee Marie of YouTube's Ashlee Marie Cakes, the only crime this Batman will be fighting is the travesty that National Cake Day isn't anywhere near as popular as Pi Day is.

[YouTube via That's Nerdalicious]


    I prefer cakes that aren't covered in fondant. Fondant makes it not actually about the flavour of the cake, and more about the spectacle and reaction of those in the room when the big reveal comes.

    My 6yo had her first and last fondant cake for her most recent birthday. It looked great, it tasted like shite... the 5 cakes before that, my friends and other guests at her birthdays still recall how they loved the flavour of a specific cake that I made for the occasion.

    No one will give a toss about a kg of fondant, shaped like a shopkins character, coating a poorly prepared chocolate cake. It was made by someone else.

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