These Belko Experiment Claymation Shorts Are Disgusting In The Best Possible Way

Video: If the gushing rivers of blood in these claymation shorts can make your stomach churn, just imagine how you'll react while viewing the live-action film that inspired them.

We're excited to debut three claymation shorts tied to The Belko Experiment. Image: Blumhouse

We're excited to exclusively debut these shorts by animator Lee Hardcastle, whose work appeared in The ABCs of Death. Each features exaggerated versions of The Belko Experiment's characters, and offers a taste of the level of violence and humour you'll see when the actual movie — a messed-up horror thriller from the mind of James Gunn — is released. It's about what happens when a seemingly average corporate office suddenly shuts down and a mysterious voice begins demanding that the employees start killing each other. It's a situation that drives people to madness pretty quickly, and as these short films illustrate, it doesn't take long for things to get totally gruesome.

Check them out. But beware — even though they're rendered in claymation, they're very gory, and might be considered NSFW.

An Australian release date for The Belko Experiment has not yet been announced.

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