These Are Probably Luke’s First Words In The Last Jedi

These Are Probably Luke’s First Words In The Last Jedi

There’s still no trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but Disney Shareholders got to see the first public footage anywhere on Wednesday and, in it, Luke Skywalker finally spoke.

The footage apparently started as a joke, with Rey physically handing Luke the lightsaber before cutting away, as if that was the only thing the shareholders were going to see. But then the preview started up again, and Luke Skywalker spoke to Rey. This will be almost certainly be in the first trailer, but if you are a strict spoiler-phobe, we’ll be kind.

According to an LA Times reporter in attendance, Luke says to Rey:

Who are you?

Fitting, right? But it’s potentially important that Luke doesn’t seem to have been expecting her or her arrival — and maybe he has as little clue about Rey’s origin as the audience, which would belie the theory that Rey was somehow present at Luke’s presumed Jedi academy, which was attacked by the Knights of Ren. (Remember, the only definite shot of young Rey in her lightsaber vision during The Force Awakens was of her being dropped off on Jakku.)

Here are a few more details:

Describing what is probably just a few seconds of footage without context is difficult, so this is probably the most detail we’re going to get for now

“Who are you?” indeed. Expect to see the first trailer for The Last Jedi next month at Star Wars Celebration.

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